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Active Directory Services Setup & Configuration

Active directory services Kenya, Our team of experts in server maintenance, network installation & Configuration will help you in active directory setup and configurations ,. Contact us today.

As an organisation grows it becomes challenging to manage each employee and their individual workstation , sharing files becomes tedious, employees get access to information they were not supposed to access. Resources such as printer management become tough, Employees can spend time accessing websites that are not of value to the organisation hence reduced productivity. These challenges can be addressed through active directory implementation.
At Genbright Solutions Kenya we help organisations in planning , implementing and maintaining local and cloud active directory for their organisations. Our solutions are geared in increasing organizational productivity, reduced risk of unauthorized information access, effective and efficient management of resources, centralized user accounts and computer accounts management.

Active Directory Services, Setup & Configurations


Active Directory is a Microsoft service to store and secure user accounts and computers accounts. It arranges all network users , computers and other objects into hierarchical groups.

Organisations need Active directory to manage environments for employees and employers. Active directory allows server administrators to:

  • Grant access to resources and manage what users can do with their machines. With active directory users have to be authenticated first and have the right authorization to access the resource intended.
  • You can restrict change of passwords hence avoiding instances of employees denying access to the machine when they leave the organisation.
  • Give permission to access a specific file in file server , users will be restricted from accessing other file except what they have been permitted
  • Create groups to manage employees, groups such as sales team, accountants etc can be effective instead of managing each employee separately.
  • Manage remote sites of your organisations by establishing trust relationships .
  • Centralized user management , create, update and delete users

Active directories consist of the following services

Domain Services (AD DS): This active directory server role allows administrators to manage and store resources information in a network. With AD DS you can setup private domain, centralized authentication and authorization for domain resources and users .

Lightweight Directory Services(AD LDS): provides directory services for applications, multiple AD LDS supporting different applications can run in a single server unlike AD DS . Uses standard application programming interfaces (API) to access the application data.

Certificate Services (AD CS): Allows you to build public key infrastructure (PKI) , provide public key cryptography , digital signatures and digital certificates capability for your organisation.

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