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Biometric time attendance Systems Kenya

Biometric time attendance Systems

Access control systems allows you to keep anyone without authorization outside the premise. Genbright Solutions deals with highly sophisticated door control, time and attendance systems and access control systems . Contact us today for the best bio-metric access control systems solutions

biometric time attendance systems Kenya
someone is using finger print scanner

Biometric access control systems are effective in controlling access for each user and tracking records doors wise ( That is you are able to see which users accessed a certain  door , time (what time was the place accessed ? ), Ant-pass back ( “preventing an access card or similar device from being used to enter an area a second time without first leaving it (so that the card cannot be passed back to a second person who wants to enter”)

Time has changed and we are going to witness new development in the workplace as we move on in the future. Companies are in the process of implementing an hourly rate to pay employees. As an employer, you want to make sure you pay for value and time. What can best help in this than biometric time attendance systems?

What is a biometric time attendance system?

Biometric time attendance system is a way to check on facility clock in and clock out. Biometrics such as fingerprints are unique to each individual. Time attendance systems evaluate employee reporting and exit time. It’s a highly secure system to track employee time attendance and access control to facilities. This system allows the establishment of a biometric electronic register which is accurate and reliable.

How does it work?

  • Biometric access control system records fingerprints or other biometrics identities to be used. These create an electronic register.
  • Once the individual employee data is captured they can access the facility by placing the thumb on the scanner for the door to open.   
  • The entry time is recorded.
  • To exit the facility, employees have to rescan their fingerprints for the door to open and exit time is recorded.
  • The time and attendance biometric system generates reports that management can employ in decision makin

The system record when employees report rate, leave early, or work overtime. Organization can customize to achieve the desired work culture and time

Our systems electronic register allows registration of thousands biometric identifications. All attendance instances are logged to the database.

Genbright Solution, we are leading biometric suppliers in Kenya and across Africa. We also provide biometric systems installation services. Our biometric systems are of high quality and tamper proof. Biometric time and attendance systems are preferred over the use of RFID cards and secret pins. Biometrics eliminates buddy clocking behavior. Buddy clocking is where employees log into systems on behalf of their friends or sign attendance sheets.

From timesheet ” Almost half (49 percent) of US employees and 62 percent of Canadian employees who track time admit to time theft. In the US, this costs employers more than $11 billion a year.”

Using time and attendance biometric system helps employers to track time theft.

Sixteen percent of US employees and 34 percent of Canadian employees who track time admit to buddy punching. In the US, this costs employers at least $373 million a year.

Buddy clocking would be costing you organisation loses that are not noticed. Every hour an employer pays for you ought to get value for it . Installing biometric attendance systems reduces the chances of experiencing buddy punching.

Biometric access control prevents you from chasing employees down for keys and duplicating many keys. While it can be challenging to know who accessed what part of premise with traditional key locks, with biometric access control systems logs each access instance with employees details and time of access. 

Different types of Biometric access control systems 

Commonly used biometric access control systems are ; 

  • Fingerprint Recognition : Its scans the fingerprints of persons intending to access the premises and cross- reference them with pre-scanned data of authorized persons. If the fingerprints much with pre-stored data the user is authenticated. time and attendance system kenya Nairobi
  • Face Recognition : Scans the facial features and cross-reference with the pre-stored features for authentication . Biometric access control system Kenya
  •  Palm Reader : to utilize a vein recognition system, place your finger, palm, wrist or the back of your fingers just above or near the scannerpalm recongination Biometric access control system .jpg
  • Iris recognition and voice recognition are some other types of Biometric access control systems. But they are used rarely.

Biometric systems prevents the blame games of who accessed what premises at what time. 

Advantages of using Biometric Access Control Systems 

 There many advantages of using biometric access control systems in comparison with door and lock in traditional mode of access. The following are some advantages ;

Unique identification : Biometric features are unique from one individual to another, they can’t be duplicated like traditional keys . 

Lost Keys problems  : The problem of lost keys and cost of replacing the locks is reduced through biometric systems. Individuals can forget their biometric features.

No Buddy Clocking : Traditional sign in and sign out forms were prone to buddy clocking where employees would sign on behalf of fellow employees . 

Reduced overtime hours payment chaos : Biometric time and attendance systems track the time spent in premise hence payment for overtime is easily verified. 

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