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CCTV Installation Kenya

At Genbright solutions we offer the best CCTV Installation Services in Kenya. We have assembled a team of best professional CCTV Installers to offer our clients the best services.

CCTV installation services

We specialize in client satisfaction and professionalism toensure our CCTV Installation works are done in a clean manner and easy tomaintain.

The CCTV installation in Kenya for many businesses, homes,estates and government entities have proven to be important aspect in security.Over the years CCTV footages have helped in crime investigation and trackingdown anomalies in business environment and premises.

Genbright solutions overs CCTV installation to diverseorganization in Kenya, Ranging from institutions, business, government officesand many more.

What to look forwhile looking for CCTV installations Kenya?

  • Needs – analyze your needs carefully to determine what the CCTV camera is required to accomplice. We can offer the analysis and advice accordingly when it comes to buying of CCTV cameras.
  • Number of channels – channels determine the number of cameras to install. 4,8,16,32 channels
  •  Accessibility – how easy can you access the recorded camera feeds?
  • Storage location and capacity – where are the feeds stored? do you have access to these recording while in need. How much information will the CCTV record?
  • CCTV camera resolution – Resolutions determine how clear the images recorded are. We will offer the best resolution suited for your needs and location.
  • Waterproof cameras – if your camera will be exposed to rain we will offer the best waterproof cameras that work well even while it’s raining.
  • Cabling – our team works in a professional way to leave your premises intact. We reduce the cabling requirements to the minimum.
  • Deterrent vs investigative – Deterrent cameras are more visible to keep burglars and malicious people. “Sometimes a camera that’s easy to see is an effective deterrent,” says Joe Lautner. For investigative purposes hidden CCTV cameras would serve better.
  • Night vision and low light CCTV cameras
  • Remotely accessible
  • Motion sensor CCTV cameras – these type of cameras are more efficient when it comes to storage and back up storage requirement. They activate recording mode when they sense motion.
  • Wireless CCTV cameras – to avoid people cutting the cabling to stop recording stream, CCTV wireless technology can be employed.
  • Focal length
CCTV installation Kenya

CCTV installation goes a long way to enhance security athome and work place. Contact us today for professional installation.   

CCTV surveillance with remote control capability has proven to be  an effective security measure for crime deterrent and investigation. People have also been using CCTV cameras to watch their pets and nannies . CCTV provides powerful surveillance 24/7 and a very powerful tool for security . Few guards are needed to manage an environment with professionally installed CCTV cameras. 

Surveillance systems have high crime deterrent capability , post event analysis from recorded video .   

To sum it up, many people consider CCTV installation an easy endeavor and end up buying what does not solve their needs. It’s always advisable to hire a professional CCTV installer to help in the selection to get the right CCTV cameras and CCTV Installation Services .