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Church Management Software

Manage church information in a secure and reliable way using best church management software. Streamline the operations of your church ,get church membership software , church giving software, church offering software , best church communication software all in one package of  our web based church management software. In one church software you can manage membership, accounting, contributions, record keeping. church groups, home fellowship , event scheduling and communication  

church management software

Many religious software have been in the market but getting a church software  that fits in small churches ,medium and large churches can be challenging . Genbright solutions offers you scalable software that can be customized to fit any size of the church. Anyou one looking for small church software , medium church software and large church software are well taken care of with our software customization capabilities. 

The system helps you organize and communicate with your church members through text messages. You can send customized bulk messages to the whole church by a click of a button and get delivery reports for each message.  Its possible to classify church groups membership and communicate separately to this groups using our church management software. The solution is a top church management software famed for its reliability and convenience.

Our system as Church record keeping software . You can upload meetings minutes , church records inform of scanned documents, word documents etc . Access these records anywhere at anytime with the web based church management system.  All documents and data in the system has access authorization hence only authorized persons can access.

Contributions and pledge management, the  church software system can be integrated with different mode of payment such as Mpesa paybill . Automatically send pledge balance  reminders to members on the church contribution pledge list. Once a member sends part of their contribution the system sends a text message with total pledge , total redeemed and the remaining balance. 

Essay to add members to groups and use to send customized message to those groups. Keep church membership directory. 


We at Genbright solutions seek to help you manage your church effectively, easily communicate with church members , Record keeping and backup ,  church accounting and contributions management. The church software can be customized to fit into every church needs . Our team of expert software developers can capture any functionality that a church would want added.    

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