Cybersecurity services

With increased cyberattacks in Kenya and beyond organisations need to rethink their data security and ICT infrastructure security. Hacker tools are getting sophisticated day in day out hence the need for organisational cybersecurity preparedness.
Genbright Solutions Is an established cybersecurity company in Kenya, we specialize in implementing IT Security measures for our clients. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity services in Kenya ranging from, network and networking devices security, Server security routines, employee cybersecurity awareness training and many more. Our aim is to keep our client’s organisations secure from any form of emerging cybersecurity threats.

Cyber security Companies Kenya

Cybersecurity services include, endpoints monitoring and preventing threat actors from gaining access to your systems. Implementation of advanced cybersecurity attacks monitoring technologies for analysis and diagnosis.

Organisational Cyber Security Policy Development

Most organisations are prone to cyber-attacks for lack of/unstructured security policy in place. Failure to develop cybersecurity policy for your organisation is opening a loop for cyber attackers to exploit employees easily in implementing attacks.
Most social engineering attacks can be prevented through the implementation of an organisation cybersecurity policy. The policy also enlightens employees on possible security breaches that they can aid without their knowledge.

Making employees aware that cybersecurity threats are not an IT problem only but also people problem is critical in attack prevention. For example, fake email communication to accounts can cause a security breach that affects organisation financial position. Malware can be hidden in an email attachment sent to individuals in the organisation, these can end up causing havoc.

Understanding your IT infrastructure security needs is important for any organisation in preparation to prevent the attacks or recover from any attack.

Our IT Audit services evaluate an organisation IT infrastructure to establish the weakness/ vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Some organisations have been attacked through vulnerabilities that would have been detected and rectified before the attack occurred. IT audit services help an organisation identify this weakness and take mitigation measures. It’s advisable to take precautionary action rather than reactionary when it comes to IT security threats. Recovery from an attack can prove to be expensive than preventing the attack.

According to Juniper research in 2019 global cyber attacks accounted for $2 Trillion Dollars, half of these attacks were targeted at small business. Owners of small business fail to take a keen focus on cybersecurity.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, costing businesses unimaginable preventable damages. There are no exceptions for small business when it comes to cyber-attacks. Small businesses are actually highly targeted