ICT infrastructure can be challenging to any business of any size be it small,medium or large. Having to hire all ICT infrastructure solutions in house can prove to be costly and resource intensive. ICT out  sourcing comes in hardy to reduce costs and have access to wider pool of ICT expertise .

At Genbright Solutions we offer you the best and timely ICT infrastructure solutions, our team of diverse expertise makes sure your organisation gets quality and competitive business edge in the industry. Our services range from ICT support Support and Consultancy services , Network planing, design and implementation, Organisation cyber security awareness training, Network vulnerability assessment and mitigation , organisation security policy development, disaster recovery strategy implementations, software development and ICT Consultancy.

ICT Infrastructure solutions

With the changing business environment enterprises require infrastructure that are easily scaled up or down to maximize business productivity and performance at minimum cost. Solutions provided need to be simple and easily understood by management and employees for  adaptability and efficient transition without degrading services to customers.

Well implemented ICT infrastructure solutions reduces the cost to an organisation. Lowers threats risk from hackers and attackers.  When ICT infrastructure design and implementation is below the standard it presents the organisation with vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Complexity in IT business process can be a bottleneck to the growth of an organisation. Core infrastructure services such as server installation and maintenance need to be well planed and managed

We at Genbright seek to provide the best ICT Infrastructure solutions to our client. Infrastructure that puts into consideration their current business model and competitive advantage in the market. We offer solutions to small, medium and large organisation.


To keep your organisation running with minimal down times , high performance and productivity contact us today.

We carry out IT infrastructure audit and make recommendations to the organisation for improvements to be made. Our team will carry out a deep analysis of your IT systems , Identify critical and non critical vulnerabilities, recommend solutions to the organization and upon approval implement the same. Our process are client oriented and well explained to make sure the management is aware of all the activities that will be carried out during the audit before hand.