Genbright Solution is an established ICT consultancy firm in Kenya, ICT can be challenging to small, medium and large enterprises but our services seek to simplify and help enterprises harness the full benefits of IT infrastructure and services to scale up productivity and growth.  We offer consultancy in custom software development , Network installation and maintenance, Server installation and configurations, ICT security  and vulnerability assessment, ICT infrastructure restructuring e.t.c

IT consultancy gives an organisation access to a wider range of expertise that could not be hired in-house . reduces the cost of hiring and managing IT department. Most organisations have left their IT department to be run by a single personnel who might not be a jack of all trade in IT. Contracting ICT consultancy firms such as Genbright Solutions gives you a wide variety of expertise skills to handle any IT issue in your organisation.

Genbright Solutions ICT consultancy firm seeks to offer your organisation competitive advantage in business environment by leveraging on fully functional IT infrastructure with maximum up-time. We keep your IT infrastructure secure by regularly scanning for network vulnerability and fixing them before malicious users get to exploit them.

Having the best IT consultancy firm on your side reduces threats worry and ensures your systems are well optimized to offer the best performance.  Continued security improvement keeps the organisation data safe and consistent.  Regular IT audits ensures that your system are functioning well and are secure.

ICT Support Duties 

  • Timely hardware servicing . Frequent servicing machine hardware increases their durability and efficiency. Doing the necessary hardware upgrade as the workload increase from time to time.
  • Monitoring Network infrastructure to maintain high performance, conducting network vulnerability assessment, reducing threat risk and developing a recovery plan in case of security breach. Patching server software. Resolve network issues to keep the organisation at optimal productivity
  • User training on IT infrastructure usage, organisation ICT security policy development and employee training on basic and advance security measures. This helps to reduce risk of intrusion through employee manipulation.
  • Design and recommend best network infrastructure for the organisation
  • Assess organisation ICT requirements
  •  Install and configure network devices such as routers , servers , switches etc.
  • Active directory configuration and management

ICT Support & Consultancy Kenya