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Internal Tender Management System

internal Tender management, application, follow up and reporting can be a tedious job and time consuming without an internal tender management system. Every organization that does massive tendering for business opportunities will admit instances of losing track of specific tender details such as submission dates, closing dates, opening dates, cost of the process etc. Instances where a tender was awarded to an organization and the follow up was not made are also evident. 

Sometimes prudence for tender management andfollow up requires management to assign a specific employee to handle, followup and report on the stages of an applied tender. It becomes more tediousand tiresome when the management want to review a financial year in regards to awardedtenders, rejected tenders and pending tenders. Analyzing tenders based onemployee assignment can give deep information of the performance on follow up.  

internal tender management system

Internal tender and quotation management givesyou at a glance the total number of tenders submitted, awarded tenders rejectedtenders, pending tenders etc. Once a tender is submitted the salesperson incharge of following up is notified via SMS, institution to which the tenderdocuments are sent are notified of the application. Follow up person isnotified of the opening dates of the tender. Upon rejection of a tender thefollow up person indicates the reasons for rejection.  

Having a system in place that can track tenders followed up by an employee and analyzing the costs incurred and rate of success can be of great important in employee awarding and appraisals. The management can also have easy intervention measures to ensure tenders are well followed up and success rate is increased.

Planning and Reporting

planing and reporting Tender management system

Our tender management system comeswith sales person planning and reporting portal, salespersons are expected tosubmit their weekly plan for management approval and disbursement of funds tofacilitate their plans. For every plan submitted the objectives of the plan areindicated and a feedback is expected. This allows the management to track downthe sales advancement and pending opportunities.  A good analysis of salespersons objectives andfeedback will give a clear insight of the direction of sales.

Bulk SMS integration. The systemcomes with a messaging platform where authorized employees can send customizedmessages to clients, groups messaging and maintaining a contact list. Once aclient order is dispatched they are notified via SMS with information regardingtheir parcel and collection point.

bulk sms system integration

Items on offer. When an item is indicated to be on offer all clients are sent an SMS indicating the offer time period and discounted prices for these items.

Having an internal tender management system can save an organisation a lot of time and resources in tracking awarded ,pending and rejected tenders . Sorting them out and making analysis for improved tendering process can be overwhelming