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Nanny Cameras Kenya.

Nanny Cameras Kenya. Cases of nannies mistreating kids have been on the rise and many parents are opting to use nanny cameras to monitor how their kids are treated while away.

There are two types of nanny cameras.

  • Deterrent
  • Spy nanny cameras

 Deterrent cameras arevisible, they are used to deter actions, when someone know they are beingwatched they will void doing suspicious things.

Spy nanny cameras, this are used to privately spy on yournanny, they are not aware of being watched. These nanny cameras in Kenya theywill take the form common things such as wall clock nanny cameras, nanny bulbscameras etc. they are also known us home spy cameras.

Most of these nanny cameras support a 32gb SD card, to viewthem remotely you will require to connect them to wireless internet. For qualityrecording chose high definition nanny cameras with night vision capability.

Nanny cameras have become common in the Kenyan market and has given rise to counterfeit products, to avoid being scammed buy your camera from known brands.

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Nanny Cameras installation

Installing nanny cameras is not a complicated endeavor, youcan have them set up after you acquire them and fix them where they can viewyour house well. Sometime you may require a professional camera installer tohelp you in setting up.  You can havedifferent modes of recording, scheduled, motion activated.

Motion activated recording only take recording when there is movement, this helps in saving space to record more activity. Scheduled nanny camera recording sets specific time you would want to record. Nanny cameras Kenya has become a growing trend .

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