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The Best Server Installation and Maintenance Services Kenya

Genbright Solutions offers Server Security management “Encryption, Permissions” Server Updates and Patch Management, Server Disaster Recovery Planning and Performing, Server Alerts and Events Monitoring, Business Application Installation and setup, Server and Database Migration,Server Hardware and Software Upgrades,Server Management Plans , Microsoft and Linux Server Installation Services, Server Upgrade Services, Active Directory Installation, Configuration, and Consulting, Scheduled server Management and Maintenance 

Server remains the most important part of IT infrastructure in business. Most organisation fail to accord the required attention to this core resource in a network until something wrong happens. They apply reactionary measures instead of preventive once. Some business have ended up losing crucial client data or business information for lack of implementing server management solutions. Changing dynamics of server management and security vulnerabilities can be challenging for IT support team in an organisation to keep up with . Genbright solutions bridges this gap by providing server management solutions to organisations . We ensure your serve patch management are updated and vulnerabilities are rectified before they are exposed for exploit.

Genbright Solutions offers the best Server Installation, Migration ,Upgrades and Maintenance services in Kenya and beyond. We pride in quality work delivery on schedule and high level of professionalism.  We help you achieve ;

  • Server Security management “Encryption, Permissions” Server Updates and Patch Management
  • Server Disaster Recovery Planning and Performing

    Server setup and configuration Kenya
    Server Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Server Alerts and Events Monitoring
  • Business Application Installation and setup
  • Server and Database Migration
  • Server Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Server Management Plans 
  • Microsoft and Linux Server Installation Services
  • Server Upgrade Services
  • Active Directory Installation, Configuration, and Consulting
  • Scheduled server Management and Maintenance

Patch management

Patch management is a process used to update the software, operating systems and applications on an asset in a logical manner. The purpose of a patch management system is to highlight, classify and prioritize any missing patches on an asset.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is a process that discovers assets on the network, categorizes the OS and applications on the assets and reports on security vulnerabilities on target systems. The vulnerability management product will scan the asset and report the known vulnerabilities found along with remediation advice

For server solution related issues such as server installation and Maintenance, server management,Data Center Setup, Active Directory setup and configurations, Server Migration etc  contact us today.

Missing network patches most commonly cause Network security breaches .Patch management is important to your business. We provide appliances that scans and detects network vulnerabilities before they are exposed, reducing the time required to patch machines on your network.