Server Installation and Maintenance kenya

Hiring the right people to handle your server installation and maintenance can eliminate a lot of threats and risk to your organisation data and IT infrastructure. If server installation and maintenance is not done professionally and in consideration of threats that might occur the organisation is at a risk of losing critical data and information from external threats as well as internal threats.

Genbright solutions endeavor to help you in your server installation and maintenance activities, we ensure maximum up-time and reduce chances of server downtime. We help you in Linux and windows server installation , server configurations, server virtualization and server maintenance, cloud computing such as Active directory set up and maintenance.

In server maintenance we ensure that preventive measures are taken to prevent downtime , server intrusion/hacking, maintaining server softwares and upgrading. Our services are focused on high productivity at minimal cost to the organisation.

We develop a serve maintenance plan detailing critical aspects that require to be maintained and monitored. Servers need to be regularly checked to ascertain their health.

Server maintenance is critical to your network infrastructure and running of your business. The same way you wouldn’t wait for your car to run dry on fuel , don’t wait until things fail to work to look for server maintenance services. Good care of servers will increase their lifespan and save you time and money. Server maintenance keeps them healthy to serve you for a longer time. Continuous server maintenance keeps the server at optimal performance hence increased efficiency.

Properly monitored and maintained server assures you of quick recovery from a disaster. Having such capabilities is crucial for any organisation. Any data damaged during the disaster is recovered even before the client notices any failure.


Server Maintenance Services Kenya

Most organisations fail to put in place a server maintenance plan its not a surprise to find an organisation operation come to a halt due to lack of disk space on server . Server maintenance plan is a schedule of activities that need to be done to keep the server running at the optimum. Some activities such as backup need to be monitored daily while others can be done weekly or monthly. Good server maintenance provides organization with future planning guide on IT infrastructure.

Buying server maintenance services is important for growth and functionality of network infrastructure. At Genbright Solutions we offer you with the best server maintenance services in Kenya and beyond. Our team of serve installation and maintenance ensures your IT infrastructure works optimally for maximum productivity.


Active Directory Services Kenya

Some of server maintenance activities to consider are :

  • Checking server log files.
  • Installing security software patches.
  • Assessing hard disk space. Old software and unused data should be removed from the production environment. Such if not well monitored can be a source of security breach. Maintain smaller data footprint on the server to increase high rate of recovery. Low disk space can corrupt databases tables and data can be lost .
  • Examining folder permissions.
  • Monitoring RAID alarms and alerts
  • Updating antivirus software on all computers on the network.
  • Monitoring network temperature applications.
  • Ensuring adequate redundancy of systems.
  • Examining security features.
  • Reading server logs for security alerts or evidence of computer hacking attempts.
  • Updating critical service packs and software updates.
  • Performing regular comprehensive back-ups to ensure that vital data
  • can be retrieved from storage in the event of a system failure.
  • Backup monitoring and configurations .Make sure the right backup location is selected. Try recovery operation to access how fast data can be recovered during a disaster.