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Server Setup & Configurations Services


Are you moving offices ? or setting up a data center ? Our team of network engineers helps you in designing and implementing your computer network , office phones , server setup and configurations , email relaying and maintenance.  

Server setup and deployment become challenging for your organisation ? Our team  of certified server setup consultancy will help you though in 


  1. Need assessment , 
  2. Network Installation plan 
  3. Server Operating System Installation. 
  4. Network configuration setting 
  5. Server security hardening 
  6. Services configuration 
  7. Customization 
  8. Post Installation audit 

The core or heart of every IT infrastructure in an organisation is the server hence its crucial to implement effectively and efficiently at minimum cost. . Request our services today for easy integration and smooth transition .

Genbright Solutions Kenya assist organisation with server issues 24/7 . Technicians are a call away to offer the best server setup and maintenance services.  

When small and medium business grow there is a need to expand IT infrastructure, we offer you with the best guidance and walk you through acquiring and upgrading your IT infrastructure at affordable prices.  

  • computer network installing Kenya
    Microsoft Servers Installation Services
  • Server Hardware Upgrade Services
  • Virtual (VM-ware – Hyper-V) Servers consulting
  • Exchange Server installation
  • SQL and Database installation
  • Small Business Server Installation
  • Server Management and Maintenance

Domain Controllers setup and configuration, Exchange Servers

Domain Controller Setup and Configuration

Windows Server Installation

Domain Controller Preparation

Active Directory Configuration

Group Policy Implementation

User & Groups Creation

Server setup and configurations

Microsoft Exchange Server Setup and Configuration

Server setup and configuration Kenya

computer network cabling Kenya

Domain Name DNS Management

Pointers Setup and Configuration

Exchange Server Setup

Exchange Server Configuration

Policies Creation & Implementation

Email Boxes Creation

Users End-point Setup & Configuration