In the past few years, software development in Kenya has taken huge growth. The software development industry has taken an upward trajectory with new developers and software engineers entering the market. Accessibility to study materials and internet connectivity has given growth to best software developers in Kenya.

Genbright Solution is an established software development company in Kenya. With the best software developers on board. We have delivered custom software to organisations that have effectively and efficiently solved their problem. We are transforming an organisation by offering cost-effective software development solutions. We have offered ICT infrastructure solutions to organisations making them have a competitive edge and leverage on technology for growth.

Organisation demand for custom software developed is on the rise. Most organisation are looking forward to automating most of the regular activities that are tedious. Softwares have proven they can help the organisation cut down cost, be more efficient, increase productivity and hence generate more profit at minimum cost.

The Kenyan market is unique when it comes to technology adoption and uptake. Different businesses are growing and being run on the web. In a very short time, eCommerce websites have taken shape, business being operated online from ordering, delivery and many more.  Companies are now more than ever allowing employees to work remotely. The sudden changes in lifestyle have made organisations to quickly adopt different technologies to keep them in business.

The growth has not been without challenges especially to software developers and organisations engaging them / outsourcing freelance development services. Despite having the best software developers in Kenya we have had client complaining of uncompleted projects and abandoned software projects by developers, incomplete websites and more.

How do you avoid abandoning client work as a software developer?

There is a wide range of reasons why software can be abandoned during development. Below are a few tips you can implement in software development to avoid unfinished work.

  • Software development requirement document

Having a software requirement document can safe you a lot of trouble. It acts as a guide through the software development process. You as a software developer are able to agree with the client on what they want to and keep track of software completion timeline. Any new or additional requirements should be communicated in writing to avoid miscommunication. Software requirement document outlines the work to be done and helps to avoid exponentially growing projects without income or cost restructuring.

  • Schedule of work / Software Development Timelines

Work schedule allows the client to prepare for payment according to agreed terms of payment. As a software engineer, you are able to track your projects and manage the time for the delivery without much pressure. Lack of a work schedule makes delivery run late and sometimes take too many projects at once which might end up consuming too much time without delivery.

  • Payment schedule

Payment issues might be one of the most common reasons why projects are abandoned, this cuts across the board it not only software developers who experience it. It’s hard to work without payment while bills are accruing. Mostly software developer will keep a project in the self if it’s not being financed and so do other organisation.

But there is a group of developers who will drop a project after money is over. They got paid for the project but the money is over way too back before the project is complete and deployed. Then they jump to a new project that is paying their bills. They leave behind a trail of uncomplete projects and unsatisfied clients.

To avoid this kind of behaviour its advisable to have a payment schedule that takes into consideration the time period development will take. A good proposal is to have Commitment fee paid before commencement of a project, An instalment paid halfway the project and final payment on completion and deployment. Sometimes phase payment can also be a good approach. At Genbright Solutions, we develop a payment schedule that is considerate and make sure clients get value for their money.

  • Job Costing

Evaluate software development requirement and charge a cost that will not leave you broke with a lot of work to do on the table. Some developers have a weakness in cost analysis and find themselves charging way to low. Software development cost can be challenging to analyse without the right skills.  What are the time and resource input required? Which third-party integration is needed and what is their cost implication?

Considering that software design, development and implementation may require different skills, its advisable to outsource such skills from competent developers who can fit your development schedule and technology being used. Outsourcing from people who are not committed to the project can be a challenge. It can run your pockets dry when switching from one developer to another to make sure you meet the deadline. It’s advisable to draft a software development contract in case of outsourcing. Let the client know what you will be outsourcing and delays that might be caused. The payment of outsourcing cost should be agreed upon with the client and the third party.

  • Communicate with the client

Communication breakdown can cost you. It can have a financial implication as well as time. Unclear communication can lead you in the wrong direction of development. If any changes are to be made to the requirement document communication should be done appropriately and any cost implications should be addressed and the client is aware of them. Keep the client updated on progress and completion of the work.

  • Maintenance

After the project is developed and deployed who shall be maintaining the project? Some developers for lack of well-structured engagement with a client they find themselves burdened with a lot of Softwares to maintain without income. Due to changes in technology software or web applications require continuous maintenance and regular updates. A client may also be interested in adding new functionality to the system. The cost of maintenance should be well covered and agreed upon. It can cost per case or incidence that occur or new requirement. You can also have a subscription model either monthly, annually or according to a contractual agreement.

  • Partnership

Being the best software developer in Kenya will not only need development skills but also soft-skills such as communication, management and so on. When you can’t meet all the skills you can join hands with people who are well skilled to handle what you might not. Skills such as accounting and cost estimate, legal needs and marketing requirement. Working in an organisation with structure will give you an upper hand in this industry.


Genbright solutions offer custom software development and have wide experience in a variety of fields. Our team of software developers is well diverse to handle any scale of work. We develop easily scalable software and readily integration. Our Cost is affordable and the completion of the project is to client satisfaction.

We develop software for a small, medium and large organisation offering a competitive edge in the market. Custom software can be easy to manage as an organisation. The organisation software-driven development. If you are looking for a software development company in Kenya Genbright is where to be for the best, quality and timely development.

We do a client-oriented software development life cycle, where the client’s needs and requirements are our priority. We make sure you get the solution to solving your problem effectively, efficiently and affordably.