Tender management can be tedious and time consuming, In current world most organisations will tender for thousands of tenders in an year which presents a challenge in tender management process hence requiring a system to assist in management of these  tenders. At Genbright solutions we provide you with a tender management system that is robust in tracking down each tender in the tendering process. Our system can be customized to fit any kind and size  of organisation providing high level of scaling with growth of organisation.

The process of  follow up assignment, tracking closing date and opening dates reminders, Once a tender is awarded the management is informed through a text message. Post tendering analysis of the awarded, rejected, and pending tenders is done through the tender management system. If a tender is rejected the follow up sales person indicates the reason for rejection, these keeps the management informed on things they should improve on in the tendering process.

Tender Management System

Flipping though documents to determine number of tenders the organisation has been overtime can be cumbersome and resource intensive. Most organisations have pile of tender documents to keep and maintain. With tender management system this strenuous kind of work is reduced. Searching through records becomes easy and less time consuming, the labour cost, storage and maintenance cost are minimized.

To know the number of tenders applied in a period of time becomes easy and easy to follow up on the opening dates , awarded or rejected tenders. keeping contact with the organisation is also important to know any changes that may be implemented affecting the tender in question, the system maintain contact records for your organisations.

Group communication can be made easy through Bulk sms system integrated to the system. You can create groups and send notifications to them from the system.

The tender management system comes with activity management module/ sales team planing module . Every team member in the organisation can submit their weekly plan that is approved by the management, weekly feedback is also provided by the team members to management.

Employee targets are set and progress monitored with time for awarding and appraisal.

We as Genbright provide you with easy to use tender management system that will help you in analysis of tender application and award process. As an organisation you will have information that can be used to find are of improvement and critical decision making.